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26- Newspaper, Media, Radio

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1...Advertising, Promotion, Awards, Embroidery

2...Agriculture, Landscaping, Farm Supplies

3...Airport, Aircraft, Sales, Service

4...Animal Care, Supplies. Veterinary, Zoo

5...Arts, Craft & Training

6...Automotive, Marine, Cycle, GasBar, Garage

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8...Clothiers, Sportsware, Cleaners & Mfg.

9...Communication, Computers, High Tech,
Security Systems, Locksmith

10...Construction, Excavation,General Contractors,
BuildingTrades, Welding, Painting

11...Education, Training & Childcare

12...Electrical, Mechanical

13...Engineering & Architectural


15...Financial & Accounting

16...Funeral Services, Monument

17...Furniture, Fixtures, Appliances

18...Giftware, Antiques, Florists,

Hobbies, Music, Shop

19...Hardware, Building Supplies


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26-01 Bo Lab
Joy Young, owner

5078 County Road 10
Fournier Ontario K0B 1G0
Tel 613-524-2838

26-02 CBC- News Room
Ottawa Ontario
Tel 613-288-6445

26-03 CFRA
87 Georges St

Ottawa Ontario K1N 9H7
Tel 613-789-2486

26- 04 C H P R 102.1-1220 Radio Fusion
Lise Borris, Consultant

115 Main Street East Unit 101
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 1A1
Tel 613-632-1110

26-05 CIMF
Groulx, Sylvain

Hull Ontario
Tel 819-770-2463

26-06 CJOH
Paul Brent
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel 613-224-1313
Fax 613-274-4301

26-07 COGECO / Cable 11
Ron Handfield

1444 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 1K7
Tel 613-632-2625

26-08 Développement Économique et Tourisme
Julie Leroux
Agent de communication et de marketing
Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell
59, rue Court  C.P. 304
L'Orignal, Ontario   K0B 1K0
Tél     613.675.4661
Tel 1-800-667-6307 poste 8102
Fax  613-675-4920

26-09 Journal Agricom
Simon Durand, Director

75 Rue St John
Alfred , Ontario K0B 1A0
Tel 613-488-2651

26-10 Journal - La Nouvelle
Madeleine Joanisse - Editor

923 Notre Dame Street
Embrun Ontario K0A 1W0
Tel 613-443-2211
Fax 613-443-2212

26-11 Journal - La Tribune
Robert Savard, Director
1100 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632- 4155
Fax 613-632- 6383

26-12 Journal - Le Carillon
1100 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632-4155
Fax 613-632-8601

26-13 Journal - Le Reflet
1100 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632-4155
Fax 613-632-8601


26-14 Journal / The Citizen
Tel 613-596-8411
Fax 613-596-8495

26-15 Journal / The Ottawa Sun
Tel 613-739-7000
Fax 613-739-8041

26-16 Journal / Vision
1100 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632-4155
Fax 613-632-8601

26-17 MTO Road Conditions and Weather
For Ontario dial 511

26-18 Séguin & Wathier
Andre Paquette, owner

1100 Aberdeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632-4151

26-19 Société de gestion André Paquette et Assoc.

Castonguay, Bertrand, representative
1100 Aberedeen
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 3H1
Tel 613-632-0940

26-20 T V C 22
Robert Pilon

1517 Laurier
Rockland Ontario K4K 1K5
Tel 613-446-6037

26-21 The Review Publishing Co.
Louise Sproule, owner
76 Main St East
Vankleek Hill Ontario K0B 1R0
Tel 613-678-3327
Fax 613-678-2700

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Top 10 Surprising Results of Global Warming

1-Aggravated Allergies
Have those sneeze attacks and itchy eyes that plague you every spring been worsening in recent years? If so, global warming may be partly to blame. Over the past few decades, more and more Americans have started suffering from seasonal allergies and asthma. Though lifestyle changes and pollution ultimately leave people more vulnerable to the airborne allergens they breathe in, research has shown that the higher carbon dioxide levels and warmer temperatures associated with global warming are also playing a role by prodding plants to bloom earlier and produce more pollen. With more allergens produced earlier, allergy season can last longer. Get those tissues ready.

2-Heading for the Hills
Starting in the early 1900s, we've all had to look to slightly higher ground to spot our favorite chipmunks, mice and squirrels. Researchers found that many of these animals have moved to greater elevations possibly due to changes in their habitat caused by global warming. Similar changes to habitats are also threatening Arctic species like polar bears, as the sea ice they dwell on gradually melt away.

3-Arctic in Bloom
While melting in the Arctic might cause problems for plants and animals at lower latitudes, it's creating a downright sunny situation for Arctic biota. Arctic plants usually remain trapped in ice for most of the year. Nowadays, when the ice melts earlier in the spring, the plants seem to be eager to start growing. Research has found higher levels of the form of the photosynthesis product chlorophyll in modern soils than in ancient soils, showing a biological boom in the Arctic in recent decades.

4-Pulling the Plug
A whopping 125 lakes in the arctic have disappeared in the past few decades, backing up the idea that global warming is working fiendishly fast nearest earth's pole. Research into the whereabouts of the missing water points to the probability that permafrost underneath the lakes thawed out. When this normally permanently frozen ground thaws, the water in the lakes can seep through the soil, draining the lake, one researcher likened it to pulling the plug out of the bathtub. When the lakes disappear, the ecosystems they support also lose their home.

5-The Big Thaw
Not only is the planet's rising temperature melting massive glaciers, but it also seems to be thawing out the layer of permanent frozen soil below the ground's surface. This thawing causes the ground to shrink and occurs unevenly, so it could lead to sink holes and damage to structures such as railroad tracks, highways and houses. The destabilizing effects of melting permafrost at high altitudes, for example on mountains, could even cause rockslides and mudslides. Recent discoveries reveal the possibility of long-dormant diseases like smallpox could re-emerge as the ancient dead, their corpses thawing along with the tundra, get discovered by modern man.

6- Survival of the Fittest
As global warming brings an earlier start to spring, the early bird might not just get the worm. It might also get its genes passed on to the next generation. Because plants bloom earlier in the year, animals that wait until their usual time to migrate might miss out on all the food. Those who can reset their internal clock and set out earlier stand a better chance at having offspring that survive and thus pass on their genetic information, thereby ultimately changing the genetic profile of their entire population.

7- Speedier Satellites
A primary cause of a warmer planet's carbon dioxide emissions is having effects that reach into space with a bizarre twist. Air in the atmosphere's outermost layer is very thin, but air molecules still create drag that slows down satellites, requiring engineers to periodically boost them back into their proper orbits. But the amount of carbon dioxide up there is increasing. And while carbon dioxide molecules in the lower atmosphere release energy as heat when they collide, thereby warming the air, the sparser molecules in the upper atmosphere collide less frequently and tend to radiate their energy away, cooling the air around them. With more carbon dioxide up there, more cooling occurs, causing the air to settle. So the atmosphere is less dense and creates less drag.

8-Rebounding Mountains
Though the average hiker wouldn't notice, the Alps and other mountain ranges have experienced a gradual growth spurt over the past century or so thanks to the melting of the glaciers atop them. For thousands of years, the weight of these glaciers has pushed against the Earth's surface, causing it to depress. As the glaciers melt, this weight is lifting, and the surface slowly is springing back. Because global warming speeds up the melting of these glaciers, the mountains are rebounding faster.

9- Ruined Ruins
All over the globe, temples, ancient settlements and other artifacts stand as monuments to civilizations past that until now have withstood the tests of time. But the immediate effects of global warming may finally do them in Rising seas and more extreme weather have the potential to damage irreplaceable sites. Floods attributed to global warming have already damaged a 600-year-old site, Sukhothai, which was once the capital of a Thai kingdom.

10-Forest Fire Frenzy
While it's melting glaciers and creating more intense hurricanes global warming also seems to be heating up forest fires in the United States. In western states over the past few decades, more wildfires have blazed across the countryside, burning more area for longer periods of time. Scientists have correlated the rampant blazes with warmer temperatures and earlier snowmelt. When spring arrives early and triggers an earlier snow-melt, forest areas become drier and stay so for longer, increasing the chance that they might ignite

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